RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Cleanup continued on Sunday across the Triangle area after Hurricane Ian’s remnants battered the area with heavy rain and strong winds on Friday.

Ken Schultz on Sunday said he hasn’t showered in over two days, after the Dutchman Downs neighborhood lost power during Friday’s storm. He says being without electricity for nearly 48 hours was a struggle.

“No power means the refrigerator doesn’t work, and neither does the water, so that’s been difficult, not being able to take a shower, not being able to flush the toilets,” he said.

CBS 17 found Duke Energy crews still out working on Sunday. Schultz says he and his wife constantly checked outage maps on Duke Energy’s website over the weekend, but says it left them in the dark– figuratively and literally.

“It said the same thing from 7 p.m. on Friday to when the power came back on, it never really provided any useful information,” Schultz said. “I do feel like Duke could’ve done a better job, I feel like it took them too long for such a minor storm.”

On the other side of the Dutchman Downs neighborhood in Raleigh, Steve Padgett says his lights stayed on. But on Sunday he was left dealing with a massive tree that crashed into his roof.

“The limbs punched holes in it, so water could get in in several different locations,” Padgett explained.

Padgett says while it’s an inconvenience, he’s just thankful the storm didn’t cause any more damage.

“We don’t have to move out, once we get this off and the tarp on, we won’t get any more damage, so we were lucky,” Padgett said.

Duke Energy says in situations like this one, they focus on restoring power to high traffic areas first, and then they move into smaller neighborhoods. On Friday, they had crews coming in from out of state to be ready to help with outages over the weekend.