RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Officials say 400 million N95 masks are on their way to health centers and pharmacies across the country.

Pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens started receiving the masks this week.

John and Maggie Bohannon walked out of a Walgreens store in Raleigh Friday with brand new, free N95 masks.

The Raleigh couple said they couldn’t be more overjoyed.

“We’re picking up N95 masks! We heard that Walgreens had a supply and we thought we’d head down and get some,” said Maggie Bohannon.

They said it’s been hard to find the N95 masks.

“We had been using other masks and so I’m not sure if we feel any better using these or not. Hopefully, they’ll be safer. We’ll see,” said Maggie.

N95 and KN95 masks are becoming more available at pharmacies and health centers in the Triangle.

Wake County health officials say masks have run out at their facilities on Departure Drive in Raleigh and at the Western Regional Center in Cary.

As of Friday morning, Wake County Public Health distributed more than 128,000 masks at public health facilities. They say over 25,000 are remaining.

CVS Pharmacy started distributing the masks Thursday on a rolling basis as supply becomes available.

Walgreens began handing out the first wave of masks at stores this week and will also continue to get more on a rolling basis.

John Bohannon said he’s just happy he’ll be able to finally visit his sister more often without as much concern about COVID-19.

“My sister is in a skilled nursing facility,” said Bohannon. “Because of that concern, I decided, ‘hey, if I can get me an N95 mask and go to the facility I’d be less worried about it’.”

Both CVS and Walgreens say if you are in need of a mask you can request them at the store checkout counters.