Son talks about family’s rescue following boat fire at Falls Lake

Wake County News

Four children were pulled from the water after a family’s boat caught fire late Sunday morning at Upper Barton’s Creek at Falls Lake.

 The McElroy’s plans to go boating lasted only a few seconds.

 “So we get about 100 feet in and the boat starts smoking and my mom goes into like a panic attack,” said son Brady McElroy.

 He says that’s when things got scary. 

A fire started in the engine, with seven people in the boat, including Brady McElroy and four other children. 

The family was in the middle of the creek around 11 a.m. when they heard sparks and saw smoke.

 “I was the only calm one on the boat,” said McElroy.


Everyone in the boat was wearing a life jacket and McElroy’s mom made a quick decision.

“Mom threw … all the kids in the water in case anything happens. Us three stayed on the boat to try to deal with the situation,” he said.

 Brady says he stayed on the boat with this mom and dad.

 “He gets the fire extinguisher out and puts it out and … my mom, she called four of the emergency services so everyone and their cousins came,” said McElroy.

 The four children floated in the water, waiting for help.

Minutes later, firefighters and members of North Carolina’s Wildlife Commission rescued the children.

The North Wake County fire department says the family’s boat had been serviced two days ago. They’re not sure what caused the fire.

The family is happy they got into the boat with their life jackets on.

No one in the family was injured.

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