RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – People of all ages came out to Strawberry Day at the State Farmer’s Market on Thursday. Strawberry Day is an annual tradition that has fresh strawberry tastings, free strawberry ice cream, a cooking contest, and an appearance by Suzi Strawberry.

Suzi Strawberry had her picture taken with kids and parents while everyone was enjoying the free strawberry ice cream.

Monica Wood of the State Farmer’s Market announced the winners of the strawberry cooking contest.

“Our first place winner is a triple strawberry cream cake by Meg Cosgrove of Raleigh.” Her cake won first place, but first-time entrant Nora Whitehead was surprised she took home third place with her version of Strawberry Pound Cake.

“This is a different kind of cake,” she said. “My original recipe, I was going to make to put in, it didn’t taste right, so I had to fast come up with another recipe and I found one and tried it.”

So, if you want to try your hand at a strawberry dessert, the crop is looking good. Farmers were able to withstand any early season freezes. However, since they are planted in the fall, the hurricanes had a bit of an impact.

“They kind of had to work around them a bit, and may have delayed them planting some, but our farmers are really resilient and are used to work around weather situations,” Wood said.

This means that North Carolina strawberries will be prevalent through May and hopefully into June. That’s great news for strawberry lovers like Nora.

“I love strawberries, I do, because they are delicious.”

And a lot more delicious than berries shipped in from elsewhere.