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Students living in St. Augustine's dorm without heat offered temporary accommodations

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) - St. Augustine's University held a meeting with students after some said they'd been without heat and hot water for nearly a week. 

CBS 17 cameras were not allowed in.

It's impacting students at the Latham dorm, which is a freshman dorm on campus. Students estimate about 80 people live there.

Students said they were offered a room at the local Quality Inn or space in another dorm.

St. Augustine's confirmed the boiler system stopped working. It's more than 40 years old.

Traevon Brown said he reached out to the university several times. He said other students and parents have as well.

"Yeah, there is some frustration that it has not been fixed immediately," Brown said.

Brown said some students have gotten sick.

"It's a struggle to sleep," Brown said.

Brown said administrators at the meeting told them they'd only learned of the problems Sunday. They were told it would take another four to seven days to fix.

"We are hoping that things will get better, that this is temporary," Brown said.

St. Augustine's told CBS 17 it is working to fix the problem as soon as possible.

It's not the first time CBS 17 has reported on the university and this dorm. Parents and students reached out to CBS 17 about mold problems. St. Augustine's said it has since hired a company to inspect all of its dorms and do any mold remediation necessary.

"Yeah, I just don't want to live in those type of conditions," Brown said. 

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