After students and teachers at Holly Springs High School complained to CBS 17 about high temperatures in their classrooms, we got answers.

Those who spoke to CBS 17 said the classrooms have been 81, 85, or even 86 degrees.

One teacher told CBS 17’s Colleen Quigley her classroom was 85 degrees Wednesday and had been very hot every day since school started.

That teacher did not want to be identified in fear she would lose her job. 

The teacher said other teachers are buying their own fans.

Parents said they’ve pulled children out of school because it’s too hot in the classroom.

Lisa Luten, spokeswoman for Wake County Schools, said the air conditioning unit is normally turned off at night, and on again in the morning ahead of the school day.

However, the air conditioning didn’t turn on as scheduled Wednesday and was turned on at 6:00am, Luten said.

Maintenance is working to fix the issue, and the air will be kept on temporarily overnight until the issue is resolved, Luten said.

Quigley told Luten the teacher said this has been ongoing since the beginning of the year. Luten said it’s not a consistent issue, but repairs have been made to fix the air conditioning in the past.

Listen said part of the issue Wednesday was that widows were being replaced on the third floor. Therefore, some of the windows had no glass on them, and were letting in hot air.

CBS 17 was told the air conditioning will be kept on overnight until the issue is resolved.