Suspects force 74-year-old to withdraw $3,000 from bank, Raleigh police say

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Raleigh police are investigating after a 74-year-old man says he was swindled out of $3,000 by two men at a Walmart.

The victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, told CBS 17 the incident was the only time he “was afraid for his life.”

The man says he went into Walmart on Glenwood Avenue at Brier Creek shortly before 1 p.m. Monday to pick up a few items.

As he was leaving, he says he was approached by a large man in a suit. 

According to the victim, the man claimed to be from South Africa and pulled out a large wad of cash.

The victim says the man claimed he had $80,000 that he wanted to give to charity.

At that moment, a second man large man in a suit approached, who the victim says he mistakenly believed was a Walmart employee.

The victim says he told the second man to take the first man to a bank so he could deposit the money.

The victim says at that point he tried to leave the store, but the South African man got aggressive, physical and acted as if he had a gun. 

The victim says he and the two men spent the next several minutes arguing, and when the victim unlocked his car to try and drive away, the two men jumped in.

At that point the victim said he texted his wife to say “I’m in a dangerous situation. Please pray.”

From there, the victim says he drove the two men to a nearby Bank of America, where the second man went in and claimed to have deposited the $80,000 into a safety deposit box.

According to the victim, the crooks wanted him to take out money, but he told them he wasn’t a member of that bank. That’s when he says they told him to drive to the nearby Wells Fargo and take out as much cash as he could.

The victim says he was afraid for his life, and when he when into the bank he wanted to alert the security guard.

However, the victim says he had a laptop with all his personal information as well as multiple confidential work documents in the car. He says he made the decision that withdrawing $3,000 was not worth more than letting that information fall into the wrong hands.

Instead, he says he withdrew the cash, and texted his wife telling her he was at the Wells Fargo. He says she called police.

The victim says he withdrew the cash, and returned to his car, where the two men told him to drive to a nearby parking lot.

He says at that point the crooks took the cash, and walked away. Moments later he says the police arrived, but the men were already gone.

The victim told CBS 17 he “made a lot of mistakes,” but wanted to share his story because he “[doesn’t] want this to happened to anyone else.”

Raleigh police say they are investigating.

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