RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — We are all paying a little bit more for a lot of things these days, and that includes school supplies. For teachers in Wake County, that means hundreds of dollars of their own money going toward stocking their classrooms.

“On average, I would say, $400-$500, and that might be a little bit more now that all the prices have gone up,” Trish D’Agostino, Dean of Faculty at The Fletcher Academy, said.

Teachers in Wake County are used to dishing out their own cash to stock their classrooms.

“A lot of times, we, as teachers, we do have to go out and purchase a lot of things on our own,” D’Agostino said.

But for the upcoming school year, thanks to inflation, they could be emptying their own pockets even more. D’Agostino now works in a private school that she says supplies teachers with most of what they need. But, with having experience in the public school system as well, she knows that’s not always the case.

“You’re allotted a certain amount of supplies to begin with, but during the school year a lot of times those supplies would run out,” she said.

And that means teachers are out in stores buying the things they need themselves. Sometimes that means buying the basics, but it also means buying special things for students to make their time in school more enjoyable.

“Maybe it’s a fun themed pencil, or smelly markers, or stickers, or something like that, those things tend to come out of our own pockets,” D’Agostino said.

In Wake County, though, there’s some relief for teachers. WakeEd Partnership opened their Tools4Schools store this year, where teachers in the county can shop for free to stock their classrooms.

“We wish our schools were fully funded and had all of the resources and supplies they need, but they don’t,” Keith Poston, the President of the WakeEd Partnership, said.

Every single teacher in the county is given points for free that they can use to get supplies at the store. Organizers say when we’re supporting teachers, we’re supporting future generations.

“The more than we can provide for free for teachers, it helps them, and really ultimately helps the students,” Poston said.

The Tools4Schools store will open for teachers later this month, and at that time teachers can sign up for shopping times on their website, but in the meantime, they say they are always accepting more donations.