RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – CBS 17 is digging into the allegations made against Raleigh city leaders during Tuesday night’s city council meeting.

For hours, Pro-Palestinian protestors voiced concerns.  

They held signs and wore keffiyehs, to show their support. 

Many people claimed local dollars were going to fund the Israeli military. 

On Wednesday, Raleigh leaders told CBS 17 that’s not true. 

It’s just one of the claims officials want to counter. 

“You do not get my vote if you do not take action in supporting Palestine,” one woman said. 

On Oct. 7, Hamas terrorists attacked civilians in Israel, launching a war that continues to intensify more than a month later.

“I stand in solidarity, from Raleigh to Palestine, resistance is justified,” one man, ‘Jeremy,’ said. 

Many called for Raleigh City Council to take a stance and to sign a resolution.

“I’m here demanding a ceasefire,” said Rania Masir, who spoke during public comment. 

Others made strong allegations.

“Millions of Raleigh taxpayer dollars have been sent to Israel,” said Jeremiah Sloop.

“In Raleigh, in just this city, there is $6.8 million that goes to Israel’s weapons, which could instead fund 814 households with public housing for one year,” said another woman.

There were also claims made that the Raleigh Police Department trains with the Israeli military.

“The residents of Raleigh are private citizens, not a paramilitary or enemies of the state,” said Sloop .”To train our police force in this manner is to commit to an asymmetrical power imbalance that will only escalate the growing divide between law enforcement and the community.” 

CBS 17 looked into those claims, even going through city budget.

Crews did not find any local dollars allocated to Israel.

A city representative provided the following statement: 

“The City of Raleigh does not provide foreign aid. There are no direct appropriations within the annual budget to any companies that may have ties to Israel. At the request of the council, we are continuing to look into this and some expenses in previous years. We have not immediately identified subcontractors or suppliers, for services or goods that we purchase, who may have ties to Israel. RPD is not currently doing any training with Israel or Israeli organizations. We continue to review. While federal taxes paid by Raleigh residents may be directed to other countries, the City has no control of those expenditures.”

Councilwoman Mary Black has asked the council to review a resolution that Carrboro passed Tuesday night, where town leaders also called for a ceasefire. 

That review should be ready before the next Raleigh City Council meeting.