RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – People across the country reacted to the Supreme Court’s decision to take away the federal right to abortion on Friday, including groups in Raleigh.

“These babies are humans, they have human rights, and they should have human rights here in North Carolina,” Tami Fitzgerald, the Executive Director of the NC Value Coalition, said. “The decision is a huge victory for unborn babies and their mothers.”

But not everybody agrees.

Activists gathered in Downtown Raleigh to protest the decision, saying it harms pregnant people, as well as certain groups of people.

“We must keep fighting because there is too much at stake,” one speaker at the protest said. “Especially for young people, Black people, indigenous people, people of color, people of lower income…”

Another speaker at the protest, who has had an abortion, talked about how her life was changed by her decision.

“To this day I only feel relief, I still don’t want to be pregnant, I still don’t want to have children, and that is reason enough to have an abortion,” she said.

For now, abortion remains legal in North Carolina, but Fitzgerald said she hopes that is soon not the case.

“We will be working hard in the elections this fall to make sure that we end up with veto-proof majorities in the legislature and that we have a majority on the state Supreme Court,” Fitzgerald said.

But abortion-rights groups said they have every intention of protecting the right across the state.

“Abortion remains safe and legal in North Carolina, and we can keep it that way if we remember elections have consequences, and we vote in November like our lives and our rights depend on it, because they do,” another speaker said.

Activists are now pushing people to vote in November, and they said within the coming weeks they’ll release more information on how to get involved.

Editor’s Note: CBS 17 kept the speakers interviewed at the protest anonymous intentionally.