RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Two North Carolina Boy Scout leaders received Heroism Awards for performing CPR for 40 minutes to save one of their own.

In July, Boy Scout troops came together in the mountains for a camping trip.

“I was out at scout camp with one of my sons,” Ron Height said.

But it didn’t take long for Height to notice pain and weakness. So he headed off to the medic lodge.

“I started walking off and that’s the last thing I remember,” Height said.

Height’s heart stopped.

His friend and fellow Scout Leader, Mac Winslow, jumped into action.

“I immediately rolled him over, yelled at a couple people to go get help, and started CPR,” Winslow said.

Winslow was joined by other leaders, including Paul Menchini and camp paramedic Link King.

He said they took turns for 40 minutes before using an AED.

“All I could think about was Ron’s kids and his wife and that’s what really got me, kept me going,” Winslow said.

King said the men had just been re-certified in CPR the day before as a part of Boy Scout Leader training.

“This training is so valuable,” King said.

King said moments like that are the reason he became a paramedic.

“If you know the number of times that I’ve done CPR,” King said. “He’s the first one I can say has truly made it.”

Thursday night, Winslow and Menchini received Heroism Awards from the Boy Scouts of America.

But beyond a ceremony, the men took the time to teach CPR and AED technique to a full class of Boy Scouts, to pass on the lifesaving measures that gave Height a new lease on life.

“I love them to death, I couldn’t be here without them,” Height said.