RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – After a two-year hiatus the highly anticipated “Dreamville Festival” returned to Raleigh Saturday.

Thousands showed up and many flew from other parts of the country to take part in the event which took place in Dorothea Dix Park.

One returning fan shared her excitement

“I just expect them to blow the roof off like they did last year- that’s it,” Kristen Miller said.

If the giant Ferris wheel or talented lineup don’t make you want to attend, then it might be the delicious food that many talked about.

Fans also talked about the excitement of seeing some of their favorite signing artists.

“I’m super excited to see Lil Baby. I love him and everything about him. His flow is sick. I’m ready to see J. Cole tomorrow, too, though. That would be my first time seeing him,” first-timer Dia Hawkins said.

The first Dreamville Festival was in 2019. This is its second time returning due to the pandemic. And fans were excited.

“This is our hometown and we’re going to bleed 919,” fans said.

Kristen Miller attended the first festival and says she can see improvements.

“It was amazing the first time however, you can tell they learned a lot from the first experience. They have so many new changes this year. They have all avenues checked. They have food trucks out here so people don’t have to stand in long lines,” Miller said.

Dreamville coming to Raleigh has locals, like Abby Carpenter, feeling honored.

“It was like I felt so at home. Like so many people come from everywhere to my hometown. I just felt prideful,” said Carpenter.

“This fan base is way different than any other fan base as a label. So just networking and communicating and having a good time with good people with good music and good food,” Daniel Crockett said.

The event is set to resume Sunday at noon.