RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A recent report found that thousands of pieces of mail at a local post office went undelivered, and some packages were left sitting on shelves for months.

“I expect when I pay for two-day delivery for $21 that it will get there in two days,” said Suzi Ball.

Two months after Ball paid for next-day delivery on her son’s Christmas present, it was delivered right back to her door.

“I filed a claim for $50 for the contents because I figured it was just missing and never to be found,” said Ball.  “A few weeks later they seemed to find it, and send it back to me, but they never delivered it to him.”

The United States Postal Service Inspector General’s Office found stories like this all too common at the Avent Ferry Post Office where more than 6,000 pieces of mail went undelivered during a single day that auditors were at the site.

“It’s irresponsible,” said Jordan Devenish.  “A company that’s been around for so long should be better at doing their job.”

With more than 20 job openings, a lack of staffing and overburdened routes were blamed for the delays, the report said.

But that doesn’t account for more than 4,900 packages improperly scanned as delivered before ever leaving the post office.

Some packages were noted as having been on the post office shelves for as long as 46 days.

“I won’t be mailing with them again,” said Ball.

Since many people get their bills and prescriptions through the mail, CBS 17 reached out to the United States Postal Service to find out what customers can do.

We were told this situation isn’t unique to the Avent Ferry location.

“That can determine someone’s life,” said Devenish.

COVID-19 restrictions have put the Inspector General’s recommended route inspections on hold, but that didn’t stop many customers from calling for a change at the top.

“I think the Postmaster General should be held accountable,” said Ball.

To view the full Inspector General’s report click here.