RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Residents of three Raleigh mobile home parks are frustrated with the towing policies in their neighborhoods and are demanding changes. 

The residents at Deerhurst, Foxhall Village, and Stonybrook mobile home parks are complaining to Yes Management Company.  

They say they realize there are parking rules that have to be enforced, but they claim since the COVID-19 pandemic began, towing in those neighborhoods has become daily and predatory. 

“One day I was picking up my wife at the neighbor’s and I parked and went to knock on the door,” said resident Eddie Pascual. “It wasn’t even five minutes or less and they hooked my truck.” 

Pascual says it cost him $100 to get the truck released on the spot. 

He’s not alone. Other residents of Foxhall Village claim the towing company hired by management sweeps through daily, costing residents hundreds in towing fees, according to an activist who translated for Spanish-speaking residents.

“It will depend on circumstances, but there are a lot of families spending $1,000 every month or so because of the practices,” claimed Kelly Morales of Siembra NC

On Friday, upset residents tried to present the management company with a letter of complaint but the office was locked. 

Their letter is also being sent to the management company’s corporate offices in Denver as well as locally. 

The letter from residents demands an immediate end to the contract with Lizard Lick Towing and asks that management meet with residents to discuss reasonable reforms to parking policies. 

Lizard Lick Towing’s owner told CBS 17 no one from the three mobile home parks has ever contacted him with a complaint. 

“If they come to us and give us the examples they’d like to give us, we’ll be happy to pull out the pictures, the date, time, and ticket and video and show that we towed for a proper reason,” said Ronnie Shirley. 

He also says every tow truck his firm operates has two cameras and each driver wears a body camera that records all of their actions. 

“No driver is allowed to do an impound without a camera running,” Shirley said. 

He also denied the company tows daily from the mobile home park. 

“Normally we run two trucks per day and one truck per night for 31 properties,” he said. “There’s no way to be in the same property non-stop for days.” 

He says Lizard Lick Towing also puts its own signs out with each customized to the management requirements of the neighborhood where they are contracted. 

“It’s something we do that’s different from most others,” he said. “Our signs not only show you the exact reason we tow, our signs are also bilingual.”

The mobile home park management company told CBS 17 in an email that “Its towing policies are in place to ensure resident safety in our communities.”