RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Thousands of students across the Triangle will be graduating college this weekend and heading into a hot job market.

Abigail Edwards is one of several college graduates CBS 17 spoke to at North Carolina State University who already has a job lined up before graduation. She said she didn’t expect to have landed a job as a second-grade teacher before graduation.

“I thought maybe a little bit after graduation, but like Claudia said it’s super high demand for teachers now, so it makes it easier on us to figure out a job, which is nice,” Edwards said.

It’s not just teachers who are in high demand, according to N.C. State Professor of Economics Michael Walden.

“In my 40-plus years of being an academic, I’ve never seen such a job seeker’s market,” Walden said.

Walden said demand for employees is widespread across industries, some of the hottest are logistics, tech, and business.

Numbers from the U.S. Department of Labor this week show a record 11.5 million job openings at the end of March. That’s almost two jobs for every person who’s unemployed.

Walden thinks the hot job market may slow down.

“There are jobs now, there are lots of jobs now, they may not need be around though however at the same rate in several months, so maybe jump on that job first and early, the job that meets your standards,” Walden said.

Walden said North Carolina’s metro areas are particularly good job markets.

As for pay, inflation is a big factor. Walden recommends trying to ask about how people in the company get raises and what those raises look like. He notes that while a 5 percent raise may sound nice, right now inflation is outpacing that.