RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – The plans for Downtown South in Raleigh has sparked excitement.

“This is something that can be utilized by the community for the entertainers that are already here,” Omar McCallop said.

For many, it also sparked what could possibly lie ahead.

“I said ‘yo, I’m going to throw my event here in 2024. 919 day. That’s what I said to myself’,” Rome Jeterr said.

This week, concert promoters AEG and Raleigh’s Kane Realty announced they are teaming up to bring a new music venue to south Raleigh. It would fulfill what Kane Realty’s CEO calls “a critical gap.”

It will be a 3,500-capacity concert space located in Downtown South.

The venue will accommodate both indoor and outdoor shows featuring a rooftop lounge.

McCallop has produced the Carolina Music Awards in Raleigh for 15 years.

“I’m hoping they take the time and energy to get to know some of the people who have worked in the music industry here in Raleigh and North Carolina over the years,” he said.

He, along with Raleigh-based rapper and actor Rome Jeterr, hopes the companies behind this project will tap into the music scene here.

“I’m going to hit them up personally. I really hope they get out in the community, because we need it,” Jeterr said. “Because if you don’t, what’s going to happen is, the local and the natives are not going to support what’s going on,” Jeterr said.

AEG’s COO and general counsel said in a statement that music venues like this “bring a sense of community and help define the energy of a neighborhood.”

“I think the key is to stay positive. We are going to stay positive. We are going to stay optimistic,” McCallop said.

CBS17 did ask the City of Raleigh and Downtown Raleigh Alliance if this could mean more music festivals and other music-related events.

Downtown Raleigh Alliance said in an email they don’t have updates for our questions.

As far as the new venue, construction is expected to begin in the spring and open in the fall of 2024.