RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — It’s that time of year again – Triangle Restaurant Week. 

From Monday to Sunday this week, people can try out dozens of restaurants for a special price. 

To see who’s participating and what they are serving up, visit trirestaurantweek.com.

It’s an annual occasion that’s not just good for local foodies, it’s good for business.

With a bar and tables inside, The Agency Bar + Social in Fenton has a different look than most movie theaters.

“When you look at our bar and look at the layout and our menu, we are definitely a restaurant first and that’s really what I want to drive home,” said managing director Craig Claycomb. He said they get a lot of questions about who and what they are, since they’re located inside of Paragon Theaters.

“Are you a movie theater? Are we a restaurant? And, you know, the biggest thing I’ve been trying to teach everybody is we are a bar and grill that shows movies,” explained Claycomb.

That’s why he signed up to participate in the Summer 2023 Triangle Restaurant Week. 

“We are super excited about a lot of new faces,” said Brianna Aguilar, an account executive for Triangle Blvd., the agency that organizes Triangle Restaurant Week. 

For 15 years, restaurants from all over the Triangle present special menus and prices twice a year, to lure in loyal, and new, customers. 

Aguilar told CBS 17 this has become even more important since the COVID-19 pandemic and rising inflation. 

“I think it’s been kind of a slow burn [since],” she said.

In January 2020, more than 100 restaurants came together for Restaurant Week. Two years later, in January 2022, only 40 restaurants participated. This time, there’s 50. 

“I think a lot of the restaurants are still kind of adjusting to kind of their new normal,” said Aguilar. 

While this week is about expanding palates and trying out new food, organizers said it’s also about supporting local businesses. 

“Especially now we’re starting to see such an increase in food cost in general,” she explained. “Typically, our message has always been about helping restaurants stay afloat. Really, we want to also just highlight the importance of just having fun and getting back out there and trying [any] new restaurant.”

She’s hoping for a great turnout.