Trucks stuck under Peace Street Bridge an all-too-familiar sight

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RALEIGH, NC (WNCN) – Trucks stuck under the Peace Street Bridge have become an all too familiar scene for local business owners.

If you look at the Peace Street Bridge, you can see scars from truck after truck hitting the bottom of the bridge.

While some people think the detours through this area can be confusing – they believe there is a bigger issue at play.

“I hate myself for not putting a camera up there 10 years ago,” said Jamie Sahd.

There are flashing lights on nearby poles.

“You’re not going to read that sign at night,” said Sahd.

Sahd owns the Black Flower Bar – which is located less than a block west of the bridge. 

Signs warning of height restrictions are visible on nearly every corner leading up to the bridge.

“It’s a little late once you read that one,” said Sahd.

The Peace Street Bridge continues to be a problem.

“You hear boom,” said Sahd. “You think either a grenade went off in front of the building or a truck hit the bridge and gets peeled back like a tuna can.”

“I remember specifically there was a trunk carrying some kind of alcoholic beverage, and it got stuck under the bridge,” said Drew Wilkins. “Beer went everywhere.”

Accidents in the area can be bad for business, but Sahd says it’s only a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt.

“I don’t understand why in this day and age we don’t have the technology to fix this problem,” said Sahd.

Using a Durham railroad crossing as an example – Sahd says the fix isn’t rocket science.

“They always get the first half through,” said Sahd. “The second half is always what gets caught, so there has to be an angular issue there.”

CBS 17 reached out to the City of Raleigh and North Carolina Department of Transportation to find out who was responsible for the bridge and learned it is owned by Norfolk Southern Railroad.

“They should do something about the bridge,” said Wilkins. “At least make it a little bit taller, or coordinate with the railroad and try to fix it.”

“It’s time,” said Sahd. “If we’re going to expand the city to take in the millions that we want here, let’s expand the infrastructure and make it more tolerable for today’s vehicle.”

CBS 17 reached out to Norfolk Southern to see if anything is in the works to improve safety and bring a little peace to the Peace Street Bridge, but at this point they haven’t returned our calls.

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