RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — If you’re on the greenway and notice someone riding by on a unicycle, it just might be Avery Seuter. The 19-year-old is passing through the Triangle in the middle of a journey from Maine to Key West.

Day by day and city by city, Avery Seuter is making his way down the East Coast Greenway, on one wheel.

“I started from my house in Wells, Maine and I’m headed down to eventually, hopefully Key West, Florida,” said Seuter.

He’s about two months into the trip and nearly halfway through. He averages 20-30 miles a day on his unicycle, with a goal to make all kinds of cycling safer and easier

“Unless you have accessible paths, it can be scary,” he noted.

Seuter, who rides his unicycle to work and school, is raising money for the East Coast Greenway Alliance which is working to get more paths designated and protected along the route from Maine to Florida.

Avery Seuter is joined by Roland Kays, a fellow unicyclist and professor at NC State for a ride along the East Coast Greenway in Raleigh. (Ashley Anderson/CBS 17)

The journey is long, but he’s made plenty of friends along the way, like Roland Kays, an NC State professor and fellow unicyclist, who saw his posts on Instagram.

“I messaged him to say, ‘Are you coming to Raleigh?’ and he said, ‘Yes,’ and I was like, ‘Well I’ve got to go meet up with him,'” said Kays.

The two shared a ride and conversation on the trails near the North Carolina Museum of Art Wednesday afternoon. Seuter says he’s gained friends and perspective along the trail.

“I’ve driven and flown this distance, but it’s totally different because when you are on this more personal level you stop in more places, and I’ve seen cities and small towns that I’ve never even heard of,” he said, adding, “I’ve had so many wonderful interactions.”

Camping in backyards and sharing meals with strangers, he expects to finish the journey in January, with months of memories and a helmet filled with the names of the people he’s met.

“Along the way, hopefully he can make a difference,” said Kays. On his Instagram, Avery (@avery_seuter) has raised $1,280 to help further protect and provide trail access to more communities along the coast.

As Seuter continues his trip southward, he seems to already be seeing the country from new point of view.

“Everything’s a lot more connected than it feels,” he said.