RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Rescues are still going on in the wake of Hurricane Ian, taking a toll on storm victims and those trying to find them.

Last week the American Red Cross of Eastern North Carolina sent over 30 volunteers to help aid those effected by the storm.

On Monday, a local Eastern North Carolina disaster responder, Cindy Romig, joined the fight to bring help to the impacted families.

“Every Hurricane is different but they are all absolutely devastating with utter destruction,” Romig said during a press conference. 

Communities are currently under water, homes have been swept from their foundations and many have lost everything.

Romig is no stranger to volunteering—this is her fifth volunteer deployment.

In the last two years, she’s been deployed to western wildfires, Hurricane Laura, Tropical Storm Delta and Hurricane Ida. She explained it’s her dedication to help and give back that allows her to keep going.

“I enjoy being able to help people. I enjoy being able to be there for folks in their worst times. If I could offer any comfort, if I could offer a hot meal; something that could help them get through each day,” Romig said.  

She and other volunteers plan to provide food, shelter and comfort to those effected by Hurricane Ian. Regional CEO, Barry Porter, said they’ve already deployed over 30 volunteers and five emergency response vehicles as of last week.

“Everybody is probably remembering the damage of Hurricane Florence in 2018, and [has seen] the damage along our coastline. This storm created much more impact,” Porter said.

The hurricane didn’t just impact the foundation of homes and businesses but also impacted the blood supply.

“Here in North Carolina, we lost over 400 blood donations that were expected over the weekend as Hurricane Ian went through our state. And nationally, with Georgia, South Carolina, and others, it’s about 2,700 blood donations,” he explained during the press conference.

Porter said they are still looking for volunteers to assist and aid families impacted. Anyone with an interest in becoming a Red Cross volunteer, click here.