Carl Peterson and David Holt both live at the Waltonwood Cary Parkway. Both also vividly remember their time in the military.

“The Army saved my life in a lot of ways,” Peterson said.

“I’m proud that I was able to serve,” Holt added.

Both men are veterans, but both began their time in the military differently. 

“I was excited to go into the Army, only because I wasn’t doing that well in college,” Peterson said.

He was stationed in the Alps. Holt, on the other hand, said he joined the Air Force Reserve in order to get into a residency training and stay out of the draft.

“Take the various messages that we wanted to send back to the United States and code it,” Peterson described as his major duties.

Holt spent a year in Greenland. 

“To be perfectly frank about it, it was a bit traumatic to me. At that point I had never been west of the Mississippi River,” Holt said.

Even with the different stories and experiences, both men left the service feeling the same way.

“Proud that I was able to serve,” Peterson said. “A good experience. A solid experience and helped me mature.”

Holt agreed that it was a learning experience and an opportunity for growth.

“Worked out very well, because it gave me a chance to grow, not only professionally, but otherwise,” Holt said.