VIDEO: Car owners upset after truck sprays vehicles with water along Raleigh street

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People who work along Industrial Drive in Raleigh were surprised to find their cars that were made filthy by a construction truck trying to clean the street.

Monica Williams works at a business along the street. Monday, after a full day of work she returned to her car to find it covered in dirt.


“Sit here and just purposely spray dirty water on someone’s car without coming in and saying, ‘could you please move your vehicle because we’re getting ready to do: such, and such, and such; A, B or C,’ that’s just being real inconsiderate of the people who work here,” said Williams.

A  S.T. Wooten truck sprayed down the road but also sprayed the cars parked along Industrial Drive.

Williams says she couldn’t believe her eyes when she got a chance to see the video of what happened.

“Everybody got a job, everybody got to work, everybody don’t have time to take out the time to wash their vehicles, not during the week,” said Williams.

Williams says no one from S.T. Wooten or the construction site notified her, or her co-workers there were plans to wash the street.

She says if she knew that, she would have moved her car.

 “They know people park out there,” said Kevin Juarez. “They should say something; they should warn people,” he added.

Jaurez was surprised to see how filthy his car was because he just washed it the day before.

“It’s not a pleasant sight to see your car look like that,” he said.

However, he was even more surprised to see why it was so dirty because he works for the construction site.

“I work in construction. The number one thing is use your head. They weren’t using their head,” said Jaurez.

CBS 17 News reached out to S.T. WOOTEN to see why this happened.

Eva Hornak, communication manager with S.T. Wooten, responded with this statement:

“Street cleaning is a common construction industry-wide practice, completed any time a road is made dirty by construction vehicles to ensure the safety and cleanliness of the area.

As a subcontractor on this project, we’re working with the general contractor and developer to address the concerns and determine the best way to provide advance notice for future street cleaning in support of this project.”


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