Video obtained by CBS 17 shows the moment two cars collided Sunday in downtown Raleigh — sending one vehicle plowing into pedestrians. 

CBS 17 has edited the video to remove the moment the pedestrians were hit. 

Seven people were injured, with one being pinned under a vehicle, after the collision before 7 p.m. near the intersection of North Salisbury and West Edenton streets, police said.

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A wreck report released by Raleigh police says a 2009 Nissan was traveling at 45 mph west on Edenton Street when it ran a red light and slammed into a 2017 Hyundai. 

Citations are pending for the driver of the vehicle that ran the red light. 

Five of those injured — two drivers and three pedestrians — were transported to local hospitals, according to police.

The wreck report shows the three pedestrians are from Sampson County. 

The pedestrian pinned under the car was rescued by firefighters, police said.

The three pedestrians were all seriously injured, according to Raleigh police. 

Images from the scene showed crime scene tape blocking an intersection and three cars that had been damaged.

One car was on the sidewalk just outside the First Baptist Church at 99 N. Salisbury St., a CBS 17 journalist at the scene said.

Raleigh police’s wreck report was released to CBS 17 Tuesday afternoon – nearly 48 hours after the crash occurred. 

“By the end of that shift they would have their report finished to turn in,” John Midgette, the Executive Director of  North Carolina Police Benevolent Association, said.

While state law says a written report must be complete within 24 hours of the accident happening, Midgette said departments may hold back on completing their report to get more details.

CBS 17 found out police also asked for a copy of the same video Sunday evening.

“As long as the police department has some element of the report itself, then that complies with the law. In addition to the fact that there is other information they need to obtain,” Midgette said. “Now, if they have all of their information and haven’t turned in a report, then that would be another story.”

On Monday, when CBS 17 started asking police for more information, a spokesperson for the Department said the report wasn’t compete and it may be due to a busy shift.

The spokesperson also said the officers at the scene would return to work Wednesday.

By Tuesday afternoon, another Raleigh Police spokesperson said officers were reviewing video and wanted to, “be as thorough in their investigation as possible.”

Hours after the statement, CBS 17 received the completed report.

According to the paperwork, citations are pending against the driver who drove through the red light.

CBS 17 has also been able to confirm with officials, two people are still recovering at a local hospital. It’s unclear how one is doing, the other is doing well.