RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — New crime data from the Raleigh Police Department shows a decrease in violent crime.

The police department released their 2022 second quarter review findings Wednesday.

“In the first week of the year we had an overall 13 percent increase in violent crime. As of this week we have an overall 4 percent increase in violent crime,” said Raleigh PD Chief, Estella Patterson. She says it’s good news despite that staffing shortages her team is seeing.

Last year during the months of April through June, Raleigh PD saw nine total homicide cases. 

For that same time frame this year, they saw seven.

“Overall, what we’re seeing is most of the shooting events the suspects and the victims are known to each other.”

Homicide cases may be down, but aggravated assaults are up.

The department saw 312 during the months of April through June of this year compared to 285 last year.

About 42 percent of those cases involved firearms.

15 cases involved juveniles with access to guns.

In response to this, the department is partnering with the Raleigh-Apex chapter of the NAACP for a gun violence interrupter initiative.

“The importance of a violence interrupter is really touching those individuals before they make the decision, the wrong decision, to do something violent.”

Alicia Campbell with Moms Demand Action NC lost her son, Ahmad, to gun violence in 2016.

She told CBS 17 she wants to see stricter rules on gun permits.

“I think they need to get ahold of the gun permits that people are buying, purchasing multiple gun permits. I think they need to be flagged. We need to pay more attention to it.”

The president of the Raleigh-Apex Chapter of the NAACP says they are working on the first phase of the violence interrupter program. They say they recently met with Wake Med and UNC REX hospitals.