RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A race unlike any you’ve likely ever seen will be coming to Moore Square in downtown Raleigh on Saturday — a Red Bull Chariot Race.

The event will put creativity and speed to the test as 20 teams of four will be building their own uniquely designed chariots and putting them through a custom course. These chariots will be human-powered with pullers and riders that will switch out roles at the midpoint of the race.

Red Bull organizers of the race said the course will consist of sharp turns and a couple of “mind-bending” puzzles along the way.

Each heat of the race will begin with a short skit from each team that represents their theme, including music, for no longer than 30 seconds. Then each chariot team will complete a down-and-back-style race for fastest time.

The race will be at Moore Square on East Martin Street with main entry points for spectators on East Hargett Street. No admission fee is required to attend this rare and quirky spectacle.

Attendees are allowed to bring blankets, small (hand-held) umbrellas, baby strollers, collapsible chairs, backpacks, sealed water bottles, binoculars, and cameras. This is not a pet-friendly event and smoking will be prohibited.

For more information on the details of the race, visit the Red Bull Chariot Race website.