RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – The Wake County Health Department is now administering pediatric COVID-19 vaccinations for children between the ages of 5-11.

The county says it has ordered thousands of doses for its five clinics and most appointments are already booked.

Nearly 400 appointments were booked for Monday alone with more than 2,400 more on later dates.

Renada Richardson said she booked an appointment for her son Bryan last week and they were the first ones in line at the clinic on Departure Drive.

“It was various times and this was the first one available so that’s the reason I got that one,” Renada Richardson said.

When Bryan was asked how he felt about getting the shot, he said “I’m glad that I got it and the chances of me getting COVID are lower.”

The county says no ID or insurance is needed and the vaccines are free.

The state is expecting vaccine delivery to ramp up this week, resulting in more availability.

The Pfizer vaccine for children is a third of the adult dosage and is given with a smaller needle. Similar to the adult vaccine, the two doses are given approximately three weeks apart.

Experts say the most common side effects in children are fatigue, headache and injection site pain.

Some parents are eager to get their kids vaccinated.

“I’m really excited it’s available now and that they can have some protection just like I do,” said Alexandria Gullette.

Other parents prefer to wait.

“I personally just think it’s too soon. I don’t think there’s enough information, enough data on it. I’m definitely not anti-vaccine, just more so that there needs to be more research on it,” said Krystal Palmateer.

While pediatric vaccinations are free, an appointment is required.