RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — It’s a combination of opportunity and access.

“If we can give them the tools they need to break that cycle to become self-sufficient adults, then that cycle can be broken for their entire family for the rest of time,” said John Welch.

Welch is the vice president of resource development and marketing for the Boys and Girls Club serving Wake County.

“The Boys and Girls Club in particular as an organization tries to focus our programming on the kids that need us most. The kids that are perhaps coming from the most challenging backgrounds,” he explained.

It’s why Welch and others with the club are excited about the launch of a new pilot program in partnership with Apple.

“Apple is going to be providing the expertise in terms of their employees and their experts to come into our clubs and help our staff to understand how to present this STEM education,” said Welch.

The Boys and Girls Club serving Wake County is one of 10 clubs where kids will be learning computer coding.

The program is called Everyone Can Code. The investment is through Apple’s community education initiatives.

This comes as Apple prepares to call the Triangle home. The company is building a new campus in a few years and bringing thousands of jobs.

Welch sees this coding program as a natural fit.

“[It’s] to create a better pathway for some kids. Kids who are interested in it to pursue careers that could also become beneficial to Apple down the road,” he said.

Welch said more details on the program will come out sometime next month.

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