RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — You can now schedule a COVID-19 vaccine appointment online in Wake County, instead of being put on a waiting list.

For the past three weeks, Wake County says they’ve been getting at least 20,000 first doses of the vaccine from the state.

Next week, they’re getting at least 14,000 first doses, according to Ryan Jury, Wake County Public Health mass vaccination branch director.

“Now that we’ve been able to work through the rushes of all those eligible groups, we find ourselves in a position wondering why do we have a waitlist, do we need one?” Jury said.

Since there is a steady vaccine supply, the county was able to get rid of the wait list this week.

“We know this is a successful tactic in helping people get vaccinated, and that is reducing the number of barriers or number of steps it takes to get vaccinated,” Jury said.

Those seeking the vaccine can schedule an appointment online, after answering a few questions.

“We believe that having the ability to schedule an appointment now will increase vaccination rates in the county,” Jury said.

Briana Pridgen says it took less than 15 minutes to get her second COVID-19 vaccine shot at the Wake County Public Health Center on Sunnybrook Road.

“I’m excited to be fully vaccinated,” Pridgen said. “Hopefully people are seeing it and are wanting to get vaccinated and are coming on in.”

“I love the process they have going, it keeps the flow,” said Tasha Jones.

Jones owns a home health care business.

“I want to protect them, my patients, my clients, my employees, myself and my family,” Jones said.

The county says you should be able to get a vaccine dose within a week after you schedule an appointment.