RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Once a month every Saturday, Gregory Alston spends hours at Eagle 1 Supply in Raleigh.

He runs Alston Defensive Training and teaches a concealed carry class.

“We go over gun safety, gun ownership, how to choose a gun, (and) how to fire a gun. We talk about gun security. One of the things we cover is the Youth Gun Safety Act,” he said.

The Navy veteran said his passion for teaching others comes from what he describes as a lack of understanding about guns.

“I got a lot of friends who are scared of firearms. I teach a small class of about 12 people. Out of 12 people about half have never touched a firearm in their life,” Alston stated.

So far this year, CBS 17 has reported on at least five instances of guns being found at schools in Wake County. There have been more in other parts of central North Carolina.

With more weapons ending up in the hands of kids, a big part of his lesson is the right way to secure guns.

“I work for a local school system and that is very concerning as I walk through the schools. It’s a simple thing. Lock it up. Keep it secured. That’s it,” said Alston. “All of my kids are grown but I have grandkids and right before they come over, I scour the house and make sure everything is secured.”

From the classroom to the gun range, Alston’s class is a full day, but he says it’s worth it to keep people safe.

“I always tell my present class, I’m counting on you to fill up my next class,” he said.

Alston said after you take the class and the shooting exam, the next step is going through the process of getting a concealed carry permit.

His next class is Saturday, March 18.