KNIGHTDALE N.C. (WNCN) – While Wake County leaders look to stop stray bullets from hitting homes, community members are split on the best way to keep others safe.

Tuesday night, people packed the Knightdale town hall chamber room to give their opinions on proposed ordinance changes on how and where gun owners can fire on their own properties in unincorporated Wake County.

This comes after multiple reports of bullets lodged in Knightdale homes and fences recently.

But others living beside more rural parts of the county also are reporting similar issues.

“It is loud. It frightens a lot of the children,” north Wake County resident Grady Crumpler said. “It’s really impacting our quality of life.”

The county is looking to change the distance someone can shoot from 100 to 300 yards, require backstops, restrict overnight shooting and increase the fine from $50 to $500.

“I’m not saying take away your guns. I’m not saying you can’t own them,” Wake county resident Eric Libow said. “I’m just saying you have to think about everyone else that’s around here, too.”

One Wake County private range owner and longtime sports shooter, who did not want to be identified, said he too wants to stop reckless shooting.

“That is not what a responsible gun owner would do,” the range owner said. “We don’t want to lose the right to practice in the competitive shooting world or even like the recreational shooter who wants to go in their backyard and do a little practice. But at the same time, we absolutely don’t want to see people like that terrorized in Knightdale.”

But he proposes the most effective tools would be requiring backstops, stricter law enforcement and shooting safety education, rather than increasing the shooting distance to 300 yards.

“We should have some means, adequate means of capturing our rounds, just like you would see at a county range or even a commercial range,” he said.

Wake County leaders will meet Monday to review or make any changes to the ordinance, however, a date for the vote has not yet been announced.