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Wake County parents see technology as biggest change in 2018 education

CARY, N.C. (WNCN) - From increased lunch prices to new bus routes, there are a number of changes impacting Wake County students this school year.

The biggest change in education may be easier on students than it is on their parents.

"I can't believe I have a kindergartner already," Quinn Hunter said Monday on the first day back for year-round school.

From the carpool line to the classroom, the first day of school can be a bit intimidating and exciting all at the same time.

"I get to play with new friends," said student Cameron Hunter.

"New friends, new experiences, more independence," said Xavier Hunter. "It's just a transition. I think we're a little more nervous than he is. He's super excited. He's been ready for months."

Quinn and Xavier Hunter worked hard to get their 5-year-old son Cameron ready for kindergarten, but increasing parents are facing a harsh reality.

"Kindergarten has changed quite a bit," said an unidentified teacher at Adams Elementary.

"We didn't have a computer when I was in school," said Quinn Hunter. "All of the extra things they need. When we got the school supply list I was like 'this is it?' Where are the notebooks, the pens, and pencils?"

Wake County Schools are introducing students to technology such as iPads and Chromebooks at an early age - putting a wealth of information just a click away regardless if a child is in school or at home.

"Technology is a powerful tool, but it's one that our students have grown up with," said Wake County Superintendent Cathy Moore. "It's one that is engaging to them. It's appropriate to reach our students where they're coming from."

"Sometimes I think 'oh, I'm teaching first grade and this is going to be too hard for the kids,' but they handle it just fine," said an Adams Elementary teacher.

"He's ready," Quinn Hunter said about Cameron. "He told me this morning 'I'm ready for big school mom'. I was like ok!"

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