RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – The Wake County Public Schools System filled 511 spots of 1,063 substitute teachers needed Friday, leaving 552 positions unfilled.

School system spokeswoman Sara Clark said in an email that the number of needed substitutes changes by the minute and the district is working on new initiatives to bring more subs in.

“First, every school has been provided a new building substitute position,” Clark said. “Schools may use this position to hire a full-time sub who will report to the school daily to support classroom coverage needs as they arise.”

The district is also looking to work with an external company to help fill substitute positions.

“In the case where a sub has been requested and the position is not filled, schools use other adults in the building to provide classroom coverage,” Clark said.

The president of the Classroom Teacher’s Association of North Carolina, Judy Henion, says Wake County is not alone. She hears from educators across the state about the growing need for substitutes.

“My understanding is that they’re still scrambling to fill find people to fill roles for teachers at all levels,” Henion said.

Henion said in many cases, a lack of substitute teachers puts additional stress on full-time teachers.

“When there’s not enough subs in a school, what happens is that other teaches cover those classes by giving up their planning period,” Henion said.

Substitutes in the Wake County Public School System need at minimum a high school diploma and completion of an online teacher training course.

Certified Wake County substitutes are paid $103 per day, while the rate for Non-Certified Substitutes is $80 per day.