RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Wake County schools approved a plan to get more supervision on school buses following bus driver concerns and staffing shortages.

The plan, approved during Wednesday’s board meeting, would pay current employees to work as bus monitors in addition to their normal role. The pay starts at $16 an hour and increases with experience. The monitors would be on routes at 19 schools that the district has identified as needing the extra help.

Several bus drivers at the meeting shared personal stories of what has happened to them on the job.

“I was hit from behind with a frozen popsicle while driving on 440,” said Abeer Javed who was reading a statement from bus driver Ella Lambert. “It was scary and also could’ve been catastrophic because it could’ve lead me to lose control and it could’ve lead to a major accident.”

This year the district rolled out a transportation student code of conduct policy. According to Senior Director of Transportation Bob Snidemiller, there were 990 infractions in October, 78 of them were students violating the rules for a third time, which means the school’s principal gets involved.

Bus Driver Frankie Dixon described an incident where he turned the bus around to go back to school because students wouldn’t settle down. He said they then started chanting and beating windows because they were upset with him. When he pulled back on to the road he said a student threw a glue stick at him, missing his head and cracking the windshield.

“On my way back to school they threw another glue stick and hit me in the back of my head,” Dixon said. “I’m on the road, traffic’s everywhere. That’s why we need monitors because our kids need safety as well as the bus drivers.”

School employees with a CDL license can also sign up to be a bus driver for routes at or near their school in an effort to fill the driver shortage. The pay starts at $17.20 an hour.

“If the behavior gets under control maybe we can recruit more bus drivers to stay,” said bus driver Cindy Hicks.

Leaders in the transportation department said employees who sign up to take on the second job need approval from their principal first to make sure they can handle both roles.