The Wake County Public School System is always looking to revamp what its students eat. Wednesday, it used its school cafeteria food experts to help. 

“We want to make sure kids are satisfied,” said WCPSS dietitian Jennifer Ozkurt.

To make sure school breakfast and lunch meals are tasty, WCPSS created a test panel from Apex Friendship Middle School. It included Carter Hu.

“Scrambled eggs look good,” Hu said right away.

The school dietitians want it to taste good, but also keep in mind the student’s health.

“We’re also conscious of the calories that contribute to the day and the energy levels that these kids spend,” Ozkurt said.

For breakfast, the school system’s dietitians try to keep it under 500 calories. The target for lunch is about 1,100. They also keep in mind high schoolers need more than elementary students.

“Well, I like everything,” Hu said. “I think it’d be good with spinach, even though no one else likes spinach.”

Each student tested four breakfast items.

“It’s soft. I like that,” Hu said describing a breakfast pizza. “I think it’s pretty good.”

“We learn what children do find appealing. We also get a lot of feedback of what things they’d really love on our menus,” Ozkurt said.

The students smelled each item, tasted it, and then rated it. 

“I think I am leaning toward the green for this one,” Hu said.

Green meant good, and that he’d like to have it in the future. 

WCPSS officials said one of the big-hit items could be on the menu in 2019.