CARY, N.C. (WNCN) – Wake County Public School System teachers will see salary increases after state leaders approved a new budget three months behind schedule.

On Tuesday night, WCPSS board members approved the new pay scale for employees.

The district’s assistant superintendent of human resources, A.J. Muttillo, said teachers should expect to see the pay rates increase in paychecks by the end of November, and retroactive pay kick in by the end of December.

“Teaching continues to be such a rewarding profession and our goal is to continue to make progress, to compensate them as well,” Muttillo said. “While we’ve made some progress, we continue to focus on it.”

Salaries for new teachers will start at $46,057, a total 5.4% increase over starting pay last school year.

The district is increasing its local salary supplement for educators by 5.5% this school year, in addition to state funding.

However, Muttillo said the pay increases approved by the state favor new and early-career teachers, giving higher percent annual raises to starting educators.

“Good for the beginning teachers and good for the minimum rate. But also want to look at our veteran teachers too,” Muttillo said.

Muttillo said the district will consider how to further help veteran teachers and new teachers alike in the next budget cycle. He also said re-instituted master’s pay could help many of the long-time teachers.



“So we’re one of the few districts now that provide master’s pay for teachers,” Muttillo said. “A lot of our veteran teachers did have their masters.”

The school district is also increasing it’s minimum wage for all staff to $17 per hour. Bus drivers will now start at $18.55 per hour.

As of Sept. 19, WCPSS reported 252 teacher vacancies, 129 instructional assistant vacancies and 316 bus driver vacancies.