Wake Forest police hold active-shooter training for residents

Wake County News

WAKE FOREST, N.C. (WNCN) – Wake Forest police held an active shooter training Thursday night. According to the Gun Violence Archive, this month alone there have been 26 mass shootings in the US.

“The overwhelming of the events take place at commercial establishments,” said Lt. Larry Danforth with the Wake Forest Police Department.

Danforth said the number of fatalities is based on two factors: how fast police arrive and how many people are there.

He encouraged people to pay attention to their surroundings; don’t deny what is heard or seen.

In an active shooter situation, he said there are three options: run, hide, or fight.

“Ladies, I don’t know what you carry in your purses. Maybe you have nuclear codes or something in there. But this woman right here isn’t really concerned about anything else but her purse. Watch her. Get out,” Danforth said.

He advised people to try to find another exit.

The next option is to hide.

“That means you lock the door, lights out, out of sight,” Danforth said.

The last resort is to fight. Danforth said to use whatever is around for defense.

“The mindset of having an exit plan,” David Melhado said.

“People need to be prepared and know what to do,” Sam Melhado said.

“Know what you’re pre-programmed to do. Be prepared for that. Overcome that. Survive,” Danforth said.

As Danforth explained, if people train for fires and similar emergencies, why shouldn’t they train for this?

Wake Forest police started holding these training sessions a year ago. The next one is planned for June. 

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