GARNER, N.C. (WNCN) – Are you a college graduate looking to start your teaching career?

Well, you might be in luck as Wake County Public School is preparing for its spring teacher job fair this weekend.

CBS 17 is told Wake County Schools is short a little under 300 teachers and said this job fair gives them the opportunity to explore new candidates ready to shape the minds of the next generation.

The job fair is held at South Garner High in the gymnasium. Jason Kennedy is the director of Human Resources Talent Acquisition. He said he’s expecting a big turnout for Saturday.

“We are expecting a good variety of candidates that are coming in. We’re looking for various disciplines and certifications within the district,” Kennedy said.

He said right now they have more than 500 candidates registered to attend and that brings great satisfaction to him and his team who worked since January to put the job fair together.

“Right now we have about 600 that have registered for the fair. And we’re hopeful that many of them will attend and we’ll be able to talk to them directly,” he said.

However, the district, just like others, has seen a big increase in resignations.

“Different reasons. You know we got a lot of retirement and a lot of resignations that are going on. You know it’s kind of hard to say and in many instances what we’ve seen, from some of the data we collected, is that salary is not as much a reason,” he said.

According to the school system’s website, teachers starting off as a Wake County School teacher makes close to $42,000 with a bachelor’s degree. That is before they become board certified.

“We’re right under right around the 300, right under that. But we’re looking for as many great candidates that are willing and able to come work for the Wake County Public school system,“ Kennedy said.

CBS 17 asked if the shortage of teachers had impacted current teachers and even students.

“Well our current teaching staff is an excellent staff and they are called on to do a lot of different things within the schools and that’s what they are willing to do,” he said.

The job fair is scheduled to take place Saturday morning at South Garner High School from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. To register, click here.