Warrants: Drug operation run by Raleigh triplets extended beyond city limits

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Newly released search warrants revealed that the drug trafficking operation run by a set of Raleigh triplets reached beyond city limits.

Atsouste, Etse and Atsou Dossou are all facing felony drug charges and are accused of making and selling counterfeit Xanax laced with opioids out of their luxury downtown apartments. 

According to warrants, the 21-year-old brothers used six other properties around Raleigh, Garner and Holly Springs, as well as a box truck, as part of their drug trafficking operation.

Warrants reveal Atsou Dossou lives at the Marshall Park apartment complex on Fairview Road in Raleigh. During a search of his apartment, investigators found 5,000 counterfeit Xanax and hundreds of dollars in cash.


The investigation into the triplets began last July, warrants stated. Investigators used surveillance and informants to learn about the drug trafficking operation.

Warrants said one of those informants told investigators Atsou Dossou had a substance called “U4” delivered to him. Investigators believed the brothers used U4 to make their counterfeit pills, and said the compound is 7.5 times more potent than morphine.

The triplets are not the only ones implicated in the warrants as being a part of the suspected drug ring.

Dagmawe Wolde, 19, is accused of of running the day-to-day pill pressing operation for the brothers, warrants said.

According to court documents, Wolde lives at a home on Palmdale Court in Holly Springs. Warrants said the triplets shipped “approximately 5,000 dosage units of pressed Xanax” from the home.

Neighbors on Palmdale Court said it wasn’t uncommon to see cars lingering near the home, or coming and going from the area at night.

Kevin Alfaro is accused of conspiring with the triplets to make and sell the drugs, according to warrants.

Alfaro lives at at home on Crestview Drive. Court documents state investigators searched a shed behind the home. 

Neighbors there said they didn’t suspect illegal activity was taking place at the house.

According to warrants, Alfaro was also seen by investigators driving a box truck believed to be used as a “clandestine laboratory” to make the counterfeit pills.

Warrants state the box truck was often kept as a storage facility on Purser Drive in Garner. The facility was also listed as the business address for a lawn company run by the brothers and Alfaro, according to warrants.

Warrants also said that investigators found about 20 counterfeit Xanax pills and pill presses inside the truck during a search.

A home on Ricochet Drive was also searched by investigators, according to warrants.

Last month, CBS 17 spoke with Atsou Dossou Sr., the triplets’ father, at that address.

“You can have children who can grow up well, but who go stray a little bit. But we have hope that we will have them back,” he said.

Atsouste Dossou and Etse Dossou were arrested on May 31. Raleigh Police said Atsouste was charged with selling and delivering a schedule IV drug, and with possession with the intent to manufacture, sell, and distribute a schedule IV drug. 

Etse was charged with conspiracy to sell and deliver a schedule IV drug, and with conspiracy of possession with the intent to manufacture, sell and distribute a schedule IV drug. 

Raleigh Police say Atsou Dossou was also arrested back on May 31 in connection to the case. He’s charged with trafficking opium or heroin, and possession with the intent to manufacture, sell and distribute a schedule IV drug.

Alfaro was also arrested on May 31, and charged with possession with the intent to manufacture, sell, and distribute a schedule IV drug and with conspiracy of possession with the intent to manufacture, sell and distribute a schedule IV drug.

Wolde, also arrested on May 31, was charged with simple possession of a schedule IV drug.

According to search warrants for Astouste Dossou’s Gmail and Facebook accounts, Raleigh Police received a tip that the brothers had a large amount of Xanax pills that possibly contained fentanyl, which a potent opioid. 

Warrants state Etse lives at The Hue Apartments on Hargett Street, and Atsouste lives at the Sky House Apartments on S. Blount Street.

According to the warrants, in August 2017, a Raleigh Police detective learned Garner Police had an informant who claimed the brothers ordered 10,000 fentanyl pills and up to 100,000 Xanax bars at a time from the dark web, and pressed their own bars. The informant said the brothers shipped the pills to numerous addresses “associated with Etse Dossou and his criminal enterprise,” according to the warrant. 

A Holly Springs Police investigation revealed the the brothers to be “major suppliers” of Xanax pills to Holly Springs High School students, according to the warrants.

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