WAKE FOREST, N.C. (WNCN) – Wake County deputies last week busted a drug operation where it’s believed two men were making the hallucinogenic DMT.

DMT isn’t as popular or well known as LSD, but its use has grown over time.

“When we opened the area the DMT was at, you just knew what it was, and it was overwhelming,” said a Wake County deputy speaking on a condition of anonymity.

There have only been three busts of DMT in North Carolina history. One study made users imagine they were seeing elves.

“It’s actually been around for a long time,” said the unidentified deputy. “It’s a schedule I narcotic, and that carries serious time. We’ve seized a lot from the younger crowd, kind of hippie types.”

In this case, narcotics detectives believe DMT was being put into vape pens.

“The biggest concern is the chemical and oils going into the pens,” said the unidentified deputy.

Unlike other inhalables, DMT provides a different kind of high.

“DMT is a hallucinogen, so you’re probably not going to see somebody smoking it and walking down the street,” said the narcotics detective.

The most dangerous part of the drug is the manufacturing process.

“It’s clearly a lot of volatile chemicals involved in making it,” said the unidentified detective.

Those chemicals can linger in cookhouses, so the best advice the detective can offer the public is to stay away.

“If you stay away from inside the house you’re probably good, but clearly anytime you’re mixing chemicals or things of that nature it’s going to be dangerous,” the detective said. “You just never know.”

The State Bureau of Investigation sent a remediation crew to clean up the DMT cooking operation.