What’s the process of getting gas back to stations? Triangle fuel suppliers explain

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ZEBULON, N.C. (WNCN) — Before the gasoline gets to your favorite filling station, it’s got to make make the journey from pipeline to the tank truck.

“We’re still out searching for product,” said Kim Morales, the manager of Red Star Oil in Zebulon.

Here’s why replenishing the tanks at terminals like the one in Selma will take a while.

The pipeline can only carry one kind of fuel at a time. After “X“ number of gallons of diesel is delivered it’s stored in tanks then the pipeline will start carrying something else like regular gasoline.

Diesel being delivered (CBS 17 photo)

It’s going to take a while for things to go back to normal,” said Morales. “We’re expecting it to be like this for the next two weeks at least maybe three.”

As for the price at the pump, distributors say it’s hard to determine right now.

“Prices are going up and they’re constantly changing throughout the day,” said Morales. “We’re not pricing a lot of tickets because we don’t know what we’re paying for the product when we get it right now.”

For truckers who haul our fuel – it’s been a grueling few days.

Pictures of trucks entering & leaving Selma terminal (CBS 17 photo)

“We work 12 hours a day then come back in and work till we’re tired and go home,” said fuel truck driver Danny Sherrod.

CBS 17 caught up with Sherrod in Selma as he was making his third run of the day from one terminal to another.

“I went to Apex and got one went to Zebulon,” he said. “They said it was coming down the pipeline (to Selma) but you know it’s a good little ways from Texas to here.”

Right now the Resco Mart gas station in Zebulon only has premium grade fuel.

Distributor Red Star Oil is working on getting regular gasoline there soon as soon as it can work out the logistics.

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