What’s the rule on notifying NC parents of teacher suspensions?

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RALEIGH, NC (WNCN) – In the age of social media parents say they can be bombarded with information by their kids, so some parents say they’re concerned that it took more than a week for multiple schools to notify them that teachers were suspended.

“They send out a weekly email that summarizes the previous week and what’s going on,” said parent Jessica Kennedy.

Regardless if your child goes to school in Wake, Durham, Cumberland, or Chapel Hill-Carrboro, CBS17 has learned that one piece of information schools aren’t required to tell you is if your child’s teacher is facing a suspension.

“That should be communicated,” said Bob Noll. “If my child was in school, and that happened I would want to know. I think all school systems should be honest and upfront.”

“I think it would be fair to let parents know especially if they’ve gotten to the root of the problem,” said Kennedy. “I don’t think they should send anything as soon as they hear something because I would be upset and maybe not want to know the truth.”

This week Cary High School Principal Nolan Bryant and Friendship Middle School Principal Shejuanna Rodgers admitted they were limited legally in what they could release in the case of suspended teachers at their schools.

Bryant went on to add that the allegations against the schools band teacher were not physical in nature, and multiple rumors were unfounded.

“There should be no rumors,” said Noll. “There should just be honest, upfront communication, so we are all aware of what is going on.”

“Being judged by the public can be pretty unfair, and we’re quick to judge,” said Kennedy.

If allegations are sexual in nature they have to be reported to the state level, but even then they’re not public record.

“That’s very concerning,” said Kennedy. “I think that should be addressed, and parents should be made aware of that.”

“Communities all the way up to the state level, everything should be communicated,” said Noll. “Tell us exactly what’s going on. We want to know!”

As it stands now that information only becomes public if a teacher loses their license.

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