RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Valentine’s Day is just one week away and flower shops in the Triangle are already blooming with business.

At Fallon’s Flowers North in Raleigh, it’s all-hands-on-deck.

“Extra staff, we have our vans ready to go and our flowers are being cut as we speak,” said Pam Classey with Fallon’s Flowers.

About a dozen employees spent the day Tuesday clipping stems, cutting thorns, and putting together beautiful bouquets.

“We’re prepared for at least 2,000 so we’re hoping we sell each and every one,” said Classey.

She says they’re not only seeing an increase in customers this year, but also an increase in spending as well.

Despite inflation concerns, the National Retail Federation predicts Valentine’s Day spending will increase to nearly $26 million this year.

More than half of customers are expected to spend an average of $192, a $17 increase from the previous year.

Last year, many flower shops like Fallon’s struggled to fill orders because of supply-[chain challenges.

This year, Classey says they’re ready.

“We prepared a little early this year so that we didn’t get hit with any shortages. We started placing orders back in August and we have an excellent team of buyers so they got on those flowers right away and brought up as many as they could,” said Classey.

The business has also added more employees to be able to keep up with demand.