RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — As heavy rains hit Raleigh Monday afternoon, motorists were reminded that Interstate 440 still continues to flood near Crabtree Valley Mall.

As torrential rains fell in Raleigh just before 4 p.m. many cars could be seen slowing down along I-440 as they entered high water.

Also on Monday, a worker could be seen in thigh-deep water trying to clear out a drain near the median.

The area has been a problem for years and has caused crashes in the past.

On Sept. 9, 2021, Raleigh police responded to I-440 west after flooding blocked nearly all lanes. Officers were seen clearing a drain of trash.

Flooding Monday along I-440 in Raleigh. Photo by Gilat Melamed/CBS 17

In October of last year, NCDOT officials spoke about possibly fixing the problem near exit 7 that is Glenwood Avenue.

“That one drain that is there clogs and we’re looking into adding three more drains, so if one clogs it will fill over into the next drain to alleviate some of the flooding,” NCDOT spokesman Marty Homan said.

It’s not clear when NCDOT will make the necessary repairs or improvements, but they have said the stretch that floods will be repaved this year.