The CBS17 Storm Team has this random weather fact for you: the first third of the year (the first 4 months) has been the warmest on record.

All the morning low and afternoon high temperatures averaged out to 55.4°, almost one degree warmer than the previous warmest start to the year in 2017.

Rachel Duensing/CBS 17

A big factor in this was our record-breaking February, which included multiple days in the 80s, one of which was the hottest February afternoon ever recorded in the Triangle.

But March and April weren’t record-breaking in terms of temperatures, so what else can fuel this warm start? Warmer nights!

Since 1970 we have routinely experienced fewer nights below freezing than prior to that time. Most of us don’t notice warmer nights because we’re inside, but it has been a significant factor in our warming temperatures over the years.

Rachel Duensing/CBS 17

With all that being said, the first third of the year being the warmest on record doesn’t necessarily mean the rest of the year will be record breaking. In fact, May right now looks to be near average temperature-wise across Central North Carolina.

We’re going to have hot days for sure, but the average looks to be at least close to where we’re supposed to be.