Flooding still causing major problems in Wayne County

Wayne County News

PRINCETON, N.C. (WNCN) — It stopped raining days ago, but some families near the small town of Princeton in Wayne County are still dealing with major flooding.

Lassiter Road between Old Smithfield and Ferry Bridge roads is so flooded, the only way to access some homes is by boat.

“This is just ordinary for us,” said Joshua Pipkin, who has lived in the area almost his entire life. 

When the nearby Neuse River overflows, it’s typical for roads in the neighborhood to become rivers and for boats to replace cars. 

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“Everybody that lives around here, we’re pretty much family, so somebody will stop by and say ‘hey, I need to go to my house’ and we’ll get in the boat and go,” Pipkin said of what happens after a hurricane or bad storm. 

Pipkin and a few other neighbors used their boats to help a family check on their home down the road. The family, who declined an on-camera interview, said they left their house when the water started to rise on Saturday.

When the family returned Sunday, water surrounded the entire house. Some sections of their yard were at least 3-feet deep. But the owner told CBS 17 the inside of his home is still dry.

“I hope it don’t get in their house,” said Aaron Bragg, who lives down the road. “But they say it’s [the Neuse River] is not gonna crest for two more days. So we don’t know.”

Bragg and Pipkin think water released from Falls and Jordan lakes may be contributing to consistent flooding in their neighborhood.

“It got worse after they raised the level in Falls Lake. They keep the water up there so they can ride their boats and play, and then when it rains bad, or a hurricane comes, we get this,” Bragg said. “So they can ride their boats.”

He added, “I mean, there’s people losing what they have and it ain’t right.” 

CBS 17 reached out to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers about these concerns and are waiting for a response. 

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