GOLDSBORO, N.C. (WNCN) — The Goldsboro Police Department announced Tuesday their K-9 Ghost will be retiring after eight years of service.

Ghost joined the Goldsboro Police Department in 2015 and was partnered with two K-9 officers throughout his career as a dual-purpose K-9.

Ghost completed his K-9 training with Officer Tim Collins in 2016 and remained with him until 2020 when Officer Collins retired. Ghost was then assigned to his second handler, K-9 Officer Will Smith, completed training and remained with Officer Smith until recently.

The retired K-9 and his handlers have been attributed with locating a countless number of drugs, guns and illegal contraband, apprehending criminals, responding to business and resident calls and assisting surrounding counties and federal law enforcement agencies.

The Goldsboro Police Department says Ghost provided “years of loyal service to our agency. Thank you for your service you have done an Pawesome job!’