Wayne County deputies say a drug dealer was running his business out of a carwash location in Goldsboro.

Elvin Geovany Flores, 41, of Devonshire Drive in Goldsboro was arrested after searches last week turned up drugs at a BUBBLEZ Carwash location on William Street and Hooks River Road, the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release Monday.

Deputies said The Wayne County Sheriff’s Drug Task Force “identified BUBBLEZ Carwash to be a distribution point for cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine.”

“The carwash was using the business to conduct illegal activity,” the news release said.


Flores was charged with three counts of first level trafficking in cocaine and one count of first level trafficking in methamphetamine.

During a search Thursday, officials seized about 56 grams of methamphetamine with a potential street value of approximately $2,800, deputies said.  Three ounces of cocaine was also seized, officials said..



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This investigation is ongoing and may produce more arrests.

Flores had his bond set at $75,000.

The DEA Raleigh office also assisted in the investigation.