RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Riding for a cure; Saturday marked the Fifth Annual Victory Ride to Cure Cancer at North Carolina State’s Centennial Campus.

About 600 riders passed through the finish line, ringing the special bell, to show that they’re doing their part to get one step closer to a cure for cancer. 

“When you get in here, the energy you feel… ” described Fran Powell. 

It was electric. 

The riders, and their supporters, all have a reason why they were at the fundraising event for the V Foundation.  

They want to help fund cancer research.

“I’m a cancer survivor. I’m a cancer warrior, actually because I have metastatic cancer in my lungs,” said Powell. “Thanks to cancer research, I’m well controlled.”

“It’s been ten years since my diagnosis. I’ve been five years in NED, which is No Evidence of Disease. This is my fifth year in the ride,” added Tom Vibert. 

Some are survivors.

Some have loved ones who fought or continue to fight against the disease.

But on the day of the Victory Ride, they were all the same.

“My story is not so unique. You meet other people, and it really helps you bond. They understand what I went through and I understand what they went through,” added Powell.

As the bikers crossed finish line, after 100, 60, 30 or 10 miles, they were working together for a better future.

“We all have a common goal and that’s to go after cancer,” said Powell. “We have a lot of work to do still.”

“That’s why research is so important. [People] are looking for something, for that chance [to live] and we’ve got to try and provide that for them,” added Vibert. 

The 2022 Victory Ride raised about $300,000 for the V Foundation.

That brings the grand total from the five years of the ride, to about $1.3 million.