RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — What’s typically a big weekend to get outdoors—whether it’s a trip to the beach, lake or even bringing the family together during a cookout—all became a little less appealing with gloomy weather in the air.

“This is usually a busy weekend– we’re usually in shorts and short sleeve shirts,” said Johnny House who operates Neuse Adventures Canoe and Kayak Rental in Clayton. House said the Memorial Day weekend often brings families together to kick off a busy summer season; however, cool and rainy weather did quite the opposite.

“When it’s cold and rainy, the phones don’t ring. People don’t want to get out or get wet and get in the water,” said House.

House, who has operated the business for 20 years, said there’s a reason people love to get on the river during the three-day weekend. He said, “It’s just relaxing, unwinding yourself… getting away from the daily routines.” He added, “Usually we’re having the 85-90˚F weather right now, but what is it… 60˚F?”

The impact of the rainy weekend was also felt by Graham Jackson who owns Neuse River Outfitters in Wake Forest. Jackson said, “We had a bunch of trips booked and pretty much everyone has rescheduled… that high of 60˚F and rain is typically not too comfortable for folks.”

Jackson said they have worked with customers to reschedule trips. He said, “We want people to have a good time and accommodate people as best we can.”

Both businesses and similar outdoor businesses that CBS17 News reached out to said the rain hasn’t just impacted this weekend, but rainy weekends have dampened outdoor business as whole this season. House added, “Kayaking this year has been a little off. Usually, I start running my business in April and I think I’ve done one rental a day since.”

While the rain may pass, some said they plan to keep their eye on possible rising water levels. Higher water levels don’t just impact business, but they also can be a safety concern.

House recommends people look ahead to check water levels before planning their next trip and reminds everyone to always have a lifejacket.