Why Triangle residents may be seeing more snakes in their neighborhoods

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RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Triangle residents have reported to CBS 17 they saw more snakes in their neighborhood over the last few weeks.

Paul Jones, founding curator of the Culberson Asiatic Arboretum at Duke Gardens, said like most animals, they will likely make their way out at night. He said their behavior comes down to their food.

“A lot of rain could change the activity of their prey,” said Jones.

He recommended doing your research if you’re going to be hitting local greenways or anywhere else outdoors.

He said reading up on your local dangerous snakes increases your ability to identity them ultimately keeping yourself, pets or children safe.

“Knowing the birds, knowing the snakes, knowing the other reptiles and amphibians is a good thing,” said Jones.

If you come across any snakes, Jones said to leave them alone.

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Jones said they may be out earlier than usual because of an abnormally warm winter.

Another reason people may be seeing them more is because they are spending more time outdoors.

“Another may be that people are out and about in places that they typically would not be because they are in stay-in-place or stay-at- home,” Jones said.

He said every region in the state has its species of snakes that live in those areas.

Jones said copperheads are the main concern in the Triangle area.

To the east, water moccasins or rattle snakes are the biggest concern.

According to the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, there are 37 species of snakes living in North Carolina.

They said six of those are venomous.

To reduce the likelihood of one making your property their home, they recommended keeping items off the ground and your yard free of clutter. Click here for more tips.

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